1st Random Overwatch Shenanigans Tournament is announced!

Believe it or not, that is the actual name of the tournament. Overwatch amateur competitive scene is also starting to get more and more sponsors and hosts for these kinds of tournaments. This time is the turn for the 1st Random Overwatch Shenanigans Tournament.

As much as it sounds as a just-for-fun type of tournament, this one will actually have a prize pool of $120 dollars to the winning team. Apart from this, $30 will go to a completely random streamer, and with random it means that he/she does not have to win any match.

The tournament, explained by the hosts themselves, is intended for every amateur player that wants to have some fun in a competitive environment. Also for streamers with a low view count that want to boost up their numbers a little or even win a nice cash prize.


Rules, as the name of the tournament implies, are quite flexible. Obviously only 6 players teams will be able to join the matches. But, for the sign up, a single player can sign up as a team and put fake names as their team members. It is up to the team captains to have a 6 man team before the match starts or else they will be disqualified.

There is no buy in, everybody is free to join. Paypal is mandatory for everyone, unless you want to share your part with the whole team, in case you win the competition. There are no regional restrictions but the matches will be played on American Servers. So, players from other countries will be at a disadvantage.

A minimum of 4 teams must sign up for the tournament to take place. So, if you and your friends can assemble a team, do not hesitate, let them know and check this one out!

Full information about the tournament can be found here: 1st Random Overwatch Shenanigans Tournament


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