The 6 foreign teams that will attend the APAC Premier are announced!

We are back with this! Remember when we wrote about the APAC Premier? The big chinese LAN tournament with a $192,000 USD pool prize. Hosted by Banana Plan and Blizzard with 6 Chinese teams vs 6 teams from all around the world. We wrote about it here: Chinese LAN Tournament. Also, as a disclaimer, the prize pool was adjusted and it is now of ¥ 1,280,000 CNY, around $192,000 USD. But hey, that is still quite a lot of money.

We told you that we would let you know when more information became available. Well, there is more information available now. The 6 teams from around the world that will attend APAC Premier are announced.

The APAC Premier foreigner teams are:

  • Rogue as the European invite.
  • NRG eSports as the North American invite.
  • AF.Blue as the South Korean invite
  • Lunatic-Hai as the other South Korean invite
  • USG (Unsold Stuff Gaming) as the Japanese invite
  • DeToNator as the other Japanese invite

As a quick reminder. The tournament will start with a qualification stage where 32 Chinese teams will compete for a spot into the playoffs. The qualification stage format is Best of 3. Out of this 32 teams, only 6 chinese teams will pass to the next stage.

The 6 chinese teams will compete vs the 6 teams before mentioned. Quarter and Semi-finals will be Best of 5. Meanwhile, the Grand Final will be Best of 7.

Also, we know the dates now. The tournament will run from October 6th to October 16th. We still yet to know about the streaming sites that will broadcast it, if it broadcasted at all. But then again, when we find out about this, we will let you know for sure. So, if you are interested about this big chinese tournament with the best chinese teams vs other 6 teams from all over the world, stay tuned!


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