A French player has reached level 1800 in Overwatch

A French player has reached level 1800 in Overwatch

Boys and girls it has been done, someone, has reached level 1800 in Overwatch, and the player’s name is TaZzeRK. On his Overwatch profile on an unshared account, he is the only player in the game who has unlocked the gold border on the profile.
The French player shot up another few hundred levels, in a matter of 12 days.

1800 loots boxes, yes, that is what required to reach Level 1800. There is no heroic introduction, no skin variant and no portrait that hasn’t been secured by TaZzeRK. He accumulated 50,000 credits, at level 1000. Now, he may very well have more than double the amount, 800 levels later.
level 1800

The player has revealed that he has played 16-17 hours a day to achieve his goal. While he becomes the world first max level player in the acclaimed Blizzard title, he hasn’t revealed how he managed to support his lifestyle in the meantime.
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