Academy Gaming Overwatch weekly tournaments

Academy Gaming is a Tournament Organizer that is widely known for their Guild Wards 2 Tournaments. They are the biggest tournament organizers in that scene. Now, they are exploring the Overwatch competitive scene by organizing a weekly tournament.

Overwatch weekly tournaments are being hosted every Tuesday, 8:00 PM CDT. They follow a 6v6 Team format so no individuals are allowed. Every team that wants to participate needs to check in before the cutoff (5:45pm Pacific/8:45pm Eastern) in order to be put into a bracket.

The amount of teams is unlimited and they claim to have around 14-16 teams every week. There is also a prize pool funded by the viewers themselves through Matcherino. Matcherino also gives a few coupon codes for Twitch Chat!

Rules and Procedures

This Tournament has a very particular set of rules for the teams. The competing Teams will create their own matches following the rules established by Academy Gaming. Matches need to start on time according to the organizers.

Teams on the upper side half of the listed match will be the ones to create the game and invite the opposite team to join. For this, they are encouraged to use Battlefy’s private chat system. After each match, teams will screenshot the end game screens with the time to ensure validity.

After a series of games, teams will report their game scores.

Game Settings

  • Competitive mode
  • Single Map
  • Selection limited to 1 hero
  • High bandwith ON
  • Killcam OFF

Given that each pair of teams are going to be responsible for their own matches, punctuality is a must. Teams will have 5 minutes after the designated start time to join the match. After this, the team that fails to join will be disqualified. By doing this, the organizers ensure a smooth transition for everybody.

So, Academy Gaming has set up a pretty clean tournament format for everybody. Also, there are several high ranking teams playing in this tournament, so if you and your friends would like to know how it is to play against really good teams this is your chance. They do not play every week though, so do not think this is going to be unfair for the amateurs!

You can find the full information on the tournament official site: Academy Gaming Weekly Overwatch Tournament


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