Animated Version Of Overwatch’s Voice Actor Video

Animated Version Of Overwatch’s Voice Actor Video

Yesterday, a YouTube user Greatdictator posted an animated version of a video of Overwatch’s game actors chatting to each other, while in character, at Blizzard HQ during Blizzcon. Johnny Cruz, a voice actor who voices Lúcio in Overwatch, posted the original video at the start of this month.

The video creator called it a total nightmare as the quality of the video is a little shaky at the beginning and gets better as the video goes on. The creator failed to get the animation he needed and has apologised for a low-quality start to the video.

Voice Actor

Just like the original video, the animated version consisted of different Overwatch characters including the game’s new hero Sombra, Torbjörn & Symmetra.

Patch 1.5 went live earlier this week and had a lot of new updates. It included the addition of Sombra to the roster of available heroes, Arcade mode; which allows players to enjoy a series of game modes while giving them a chance to earn loot and experience. And an Arcade mode map Eco: Antartica. The new patch news is available here.

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