BaseTradeTV Cup is back! Cup #2 Announced

BaseTradeTV Cup just announced their second Overwatch tournament with a prize pool of $1,200. They already hosted one back in April and are ready for a new one.

This first Overwatch tournament was a Control only type of tournament. That was a successful one, that is why the organizers had in mind to host another tournament. The second edition of the tournament was supposed to be played in July but it had to be postponed. This because one of the casters for the tournament suffered an accident and had to recover.

But now everything is ready and good to go. A new BaseTradeTV Cup is on its way on October 9th! Sign-ups are already open so keep reading to find about this new tournament!

BaseTradeTV Cup Overwatch tournament rules

Unlike most tournaments, the organizers will not be using the “stop watch” kind of competition. They will instead play as in competitive ladder. The only variation will be that the matches will be BO3 or BO5.

The servers will be NA and Custom Games. Even though the servers are NA, the tournament is open for everyone around the world. All maps are available except Ilios. 1 sub allowed per team and 1 hero limit.

Also, Team Captains need to join the official Discord server for BaseTradeTV Cup. The tournament will be broadcasted through TwitchTV.

If you think that you and your team have what it takes to grab a part of the pool prize of $1,200, then go ahead and sign up! The full information for this tournament as well as the registration website can be found here.


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