A Big Overwatch Revelation Is About To Arrive

A Big Overwatch Revelation Is About To Arrive

Blizzard is on the brink of introducing a new set of Overwatch characters. The characters will be a little different than usual characters as the studio has finally confirmed that LGBT heroes will soon be a part of the game. Though the release date has not yet been shared the characters will be here sooner rather than later.

The LGBT society has appreciated the induction of such characters in Overwatch. According to Crave, the developer repeatedly showed his interest in releasing such characters in the game and the big revelation came out during a Q&A session during BlizzCon by Michael Chu earlier this month.

The Chu said that Blizzard wants Overwatch to be more diverse and be more extensive when talking about the pool of heroes, and by diversity & extensiveness, he meant the inclusion of LGBT characters. In fact, he said that it was planned since day one. The decision was made when the first pool of characters was in their early stages of development.


When asked about the type of relationships of Overwatch characters, Chu replied that the game’s story isn’t just romantic nature. They want to deviate from that standard as much as possible. This is why Blizzard is trying to blend in the “inbred relationships”. Moreover, Chu revealed that it is just a matter of time before the LGBT characters and their stories will be unveiled and the Overwatch community will love it.

A few Overwatch fans are suspicious over Chu’s statement as well saying that if Blizzard really wanted to add LGBT characters, they would have done it in the first place. They are doing it now just because the people want them to. And the developers have made this move so as not to affect the game’s popularity and reputation among the general public at this point in time. Since this seriously is a sensitive area to address, ample time shall be spent reviewing every detail before releasing the characters.

The day Overwatch was released; many fans were seen exhibiting the heroes as LGBTs. But we had to wait till Blizzcon ’16 to see Blizzard putting light towards these sexual orientations. Although any solid information about how the developers are going to act in this regard is yet to be known.

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