Blizzard hint changes to characters from Overwatch

Blizzard is reportedly working on changes to some of the characters in Overwatch. In recent developments, Blizzard hint changes to least used characters.

For developers at Blizzard, managing 22 Overwatch characters is not an easy task. With Each character having different abilities, balancing them and ensuring that they are not winning or losing too much is a demanding undertaking as once small change can significantly alter the scales.

Since Overwatch was released a few months ago, Blizzard has been actively refining and improving the game to keep the over 15 million player fan base happy. Blizzard developers have been hard at work on the next set of changes. According to a recently released Public Test Region report, fans can now look forward to new updates including changes to the less used characters including Windowmaker, Ana, and Junkrat.

Blizzard uses Public Test Realm services to test patches before they can go live.

So what can we expect as Blizzard hint changes

The expected changes will include the addition of a static camera in spectator mode, customer team names, coupled with a custom game pause feature.

According to the developer, Ana, one of the heroes set to receive changes is not too strong although her charges are too fast keeping in mind the impact it has on a match. Her Biotic Grenades will receive a small boost to allow her to hit multiple targets.

Windowmaker, on the other hand, will be able to get new targets faster as well as shorter reaction time especially in fast-paced scenarios.

For Junkrat, the developer intends to power up his RIP-Tire to be at the same level with his colleagues.


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