Blizzard might remove current heroes from the pool

Current hero pool in danger according to Blizzard

“Some heroes in the uprising FPS in the finest game by Blizzard, Overwatch could eventually face retirement.” These were the words spoken by Jeff Kaplan who happens to be the in Game Informer.

“We would leave the door open to that. I think the fact that we chose the business model we did. The game comes with all the heroes and we’re giving you everything [extra] for free so far. This allows us to retire a hero without feeling sick about it. But I think we have a long way to go before heroes need to be.” he said.

Overwatch’s community seems to rely heavily on cosmetics and character items. This have proved to be a blessing for the development team. Reaching out to high number of fans in a relatively short period, Overwatch development team should feel free to pursue anything they want.

Words by Jeff Kaplan

One of the other nice parts about our business model is that we’re not dependent on releasing a new hero to keep development going. That means that we don’t have the pressure to release heroes when it might not be the right decision for the game.

We’re able to free heroes when players are ready for something new or it’s good for the meta to shift a little bit. We don’t have to do it just because we’re trying to push the business model forward.

Since one of your main characters is facing retirement from the tittle tomorrow you shouldn’t panic. Trying out the new coming heroes is never proven in any game, let alone in Overwatch. Blizzard should pull something out of the books of Riot and kill off a hero or two for the time being.
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