Blizzard Overwatch servers are facing serious DDOS attacks lately

Blizzard encounters DDOS attacks in Overwatch

Blizzard is already witnessing a DDOS attack in Overwatch which is capable of breaking a lot of systems.
On Tuesday night players who to enjoy their evening will be unable to login into their precious Overwatch accounts. Yesterday, in order practice both the new hybrid map and the soon to balance player moved towards the new Eichenwalde map, which has been released by Blizzard on their PTR. But when logged into either any region or the PTR will result in an error which is impossible to remove even by restarting your computer or

Official Blizzard Twitter account has attributed the loss of a lot of services to a Distributed-Denial-Of-Service (DDOS) attack. By overloading the systems with a large number of requests from sources, DDOS crashes the systems. These requests result in the inability for users like us to log into Overwatch; Since the systems are unable to respond to a significant number of applications.

Here’s the official statement from Blizzard,

We are currently monitoring a DDOS attack against network providers which is affecting latency/connections to our games.

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