Blizzard servers under attack once again by DDoS attacks

Blizzard servers under DDoS attacks

Warcraft and Overwatch, are amongst the most popular games currently, both have been developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. A sequence of player disconnections and disturbances between 30 and 31 August took place in the game servers because of the widespread and lethal attack on the network and servers of the powerful and famous franchise.
The attacks started in less than 24 hours after Blizzard released the latest Warcraft expansion pack, titled Legion. After then, there were continuous reports by players regarding issues with their connections. According to sources, both Warcraft and Overwatch were affected by the outages.
Initially, the problem was with the European players. The players started to report the problems after the morning of 31st August. The attack was particularly on the network providers.

Blizzard servers under the attack of DDOS

Blizzard servers under the DDoS attacks

Over the past day, the servers have been spiking with problems. The company claims that it has fixed the problem in the most recent update but have also accepted that the players based in Australia may still face problems
In June, notorious hacker group Lizard Squad targeted the servers that prevented players from accessing their games. Only last week, Blizzard faced a similar DDoS attack on its servers, on 24 August.
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