Blizzard will continue to support free DLC for Overwatch

Blizzard to support free DLCs in future

Overwatch’s Downloadable content (DLC) support is looking good on the charts. Since the launch of the game in May, more items and collectibles are on their way. This is a good news for the fans to hear. According to the unofficial news, the items will be made available for free.
In a recent interview with GameSpot, Aaron Keller, who is the game’s assistant director shed some light on the DLC support arrangements of the match. This included free or paid DLC packs are coming to the game in future. He revealed while discussing this subject that their plans do not include launching paid DLC for the title. He further added that items maps and other heroes would remain free as they were from the start.
When asked about what the community could expect regarding the monthly release of new content. He indicated that for what the company released the current pace is very appropriate, although the DLC item drops may take their time to be available for the community.

Keller didn’t announce anything particular regarding the timeline of the details in the recent months to come, even though the assistant director of the game announced a new map, titled as Eichenwalde.
In a recently released trailer, Blizzard provided a look on the new map.
Eichenwalde is situated in an abandoned village outside of Stuttgart Germany. The map looks more haunting that hospitable for the players.There’s also a large castle in Eichenwalde that players should have fun exploring.
More news about the other DLC items coming to “Overwatch” will be available shortly.
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