Blizzard will make Overwatch free for console gamers for three days

Overwatch will become free for three days for console gamers

Overwatch is clearly amongst the top MOBAs currently and has grown into a large community, but it’s not enough. And to overcome this so-called “issue,” the Blizzard Entertainment is letting console gamers try it for free.
The Overwatch free weekend will take place in the second week of September. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users will be permitted to participate in it. The event is set to start on September 9 at 11 AM PT and ends on September 12 at four PM PT.

Overwatch characters - console gamers
Each console’s online store will have the full game unlocked. It will also be available for free, during this free weekend. Any Loot boxes a player earns or any leveling progress he/she makes will be there’s to keep even if they return and buy the game later.
No PS Plus subscription is required, for the PS4 users, all the player needs is a console. On the other hand, Xbox One User will need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to get their share of the game.

Additional information for PS4 players

You will need a subscription to play online although Plus isn’t necessary for the free weekend.
Sad news for PC players because the free weekend doesn’t apply to the PC version of the game, the release is just limited to the consoles.

Are you going to try Overwatch on your console? Let us know in the comments below.

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    La biya Reply
    Sep 14, 2016 @ 11:00 am

    For only 3 days? They can stick it uup for all I care, really… Meh…


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