Brand new cosmetic items coming soon for Reinhardt

New skins revealed for Reinhardt

Reinhardt happens to be amongst the strongest tank heroes in the FPS game Overwatch. He is also amongst the original creations of the Overwatch family. However, quite Recently the background story of Reinhardt has been revealed.
A new map called Eichenwalde was announced by Blizzard at Gamescom last week. The company explained later that when the war was against the Omnics a legendary battle fought in Germany. The town and the castle were the major sites where the battle took place. Reinhardt and his mentor along with a small battalion of German forces named Crusaders, not only successfully defended but prevailed against Omnics, at this very site.
New skins and collectibles are available for Reinhardt, Along with map.


Reinhardt is wearing the suit of his mentor Balderich in this skin, in a lot of ways both the suits of the instructor and student are very similar, with adaption to the medieval knight. Reinhardt looks a lot menacing in this skin with the horns on the helmet and claws on the gauntlets.


The skin is Balderich’s suit witch vines growing on his hammer and plant growth, moss and decay on top of the suit with years of decline. According to the lore, Even after the 30 years since the battle took place Balderich’s body remains in the rubbles of the castle. So the skin is old, it can be summed up as Reinhardt’s version of Bastion’s skin “Overgrown”.
No one knows when we’ll get our hands on these items since the company didn’t reveal the release date. However, the current balance changes to the Meta, the new Eichenwalde map, and these skins can are available on Blizzard PTR (public test realm), all of these changes are expected to go live on the mainstage in September.

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