Colorado Clutch Overwatch team disbands. Co-owner official statement released.

Colorado Clutch Overwatch, a professional competitive team from NA has officially disbanded. This was confirmed by Justin Moskowitz, co-owner of the team in an official statement.

Colorado Clutch Overwatch officially disbanded yesterday, September 11th. The official statement came after a private conversarion of former Colorado Clutch player Lui was leaked. On said conversation, Lui expressed his frustations about the way the team disbanded. Because of this, Justin gave the official statement also to clarify the whole situation.

The official statement clearly depicts the current situation of the new teams that are trying to build a organization from the bottom. As of now, it is extremely difficult to get sponsors and investors when you are first starting on the scene.

Colorado Clutch Overwatch official statement

Justin Moskowitz really explains everything that happened that finally led to the disbanding of the team. At first, they acquired capital to take the players to the Agent Rising in May. On that LAN, they got 4th place and were happy with it considering that they were a new eSports organization on the scene.

After that tournament they continued practicing for 2 months, but were struggling with the time, since the players had to find jobs to pay for their everyday expenses. Unfortunately, Justin’s efforts as the co-owner of the organization to find sponsors and people willing to invest on the team were unsuccessful.

This started a chain of events that ended up with several members of the team receiving offers from other teams. The players then approached Justin to ask to get their contracts released. This was because the teams were not willing to pay for a buy-out. After a conversation with the owner of the team, they agreed on the player’s request.

Lui’s leaked conversation was about how he felt betrayed because nobody talked about this with him. But he also says that he is receiving several invitations for tryouts. So, after all, we can expect to watch the former Colorado Clutch players in other teams in the next weeks.

This announcement gives us a glimpse of what truly means to be the owner of a eSports organization. It is a struggle, to say the least. We can only wish both the players and the organization good luck in the future and may they find what they are looking for.

If you wish to read the official statement you can do so here.


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