Could Doomfist be the next hero in Overwatch?

Could Doomfist be the next hero in Overwatch?

A lot of the talks of Sombra are going on, has Blizzard changed its plans? Will there be a Sombra? Is a new hero coming first?

A lot of discussions were exclusively for Sombra in the last few weeks, and the community bent upon to find clues about her. But someone has a different opinion about her. There are some rumors that a new hero Doomfist will be making his mark first. The rumors are spreading that Sombra could very well be a prank from the Blizzard Entertainment, and she will never be a character in the game. To some backing up to these allegations there happens to be a Reddit group having a sole topic that Sombra is dead. After all these claims, there is no official announcement made by Blizzard and if there is any we will let you know as soon as possible.


Currently, three Doomfists exist: ‘The Successor,’ Adhabu Ngumi (‘The Savior’) and Akinjide Adeyemi (‘The Scourge’). A powerful gauntlet is on each Doomfist. Winston happens to defeat one of the Doomfists and to prove that he put one of the gauntlets on display. Reaper and Widowmaker made an attempt to steal it and failed. Since then, Tracer and Winston fought them off.

Check out the full video of Doomfist below.

Who will be the next Overwatch hero in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below.


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