Creation eSports to Team Dignitas

Creation eSports transferred team to Team Dignitas.

Creation eSports just announced the transfer of their Overwatch team to Team Dignitas. Their contracts were set to renew shortly but after careful consideration the best course action was for Creation to sell the team, this means new opportunities for their former team members and for them.

They team is formed by:

  • Rasmus Waern(Draceus)
  • Jose Antonio Ramos (BromaS)
  • Jiri Masalin (LiNkz)
  • Artur Bischof (art1er)
  • Seb Barton (numlocked)
  • Joshua Campos (ToxikeN).

As Creation eSports, they achieved to climb the ranks to Top 3º in Europe and Top 5º in the World.

“Thanks a lot to Creation for our time here and specifically to omri, for looking after us. I would highly recommend CE to any OW teams looking for a home.” – Seb “Numlocked” Barton

“We saw the great potential of Overwatch since early beta and decided to invest in it early. I’m glad I got to work with our now former players and wish them the best in the future. We will continue to be invested in the future success of the game as an esport and hope to announce our new roster soon.” – Omri Pitaru, Founder of Creation eSports

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