CSL will not host Overwatch and Hearthstone seasons

CSL won’t host Overwatch or Hearthstone seasons

Recently, CSL announced that they wouldn’t host Overwatch or Hearthstone seasons. Even though earlier, CSL made an announcement that a League is on its way to them, here is the Latest update to the Saga:

We regret to inform you all that this season we will not be hosting an Overwatch or Hearthstone league. We were very happy with the feedback about Hearthstone last year and had received many requests for Overwatch and were excited to provide that to you all. Unfortunately, we’ve been informed by Blizzard that due to their plans for competitive leagues this year, we are unable to host leagues for Overwatch or Hearthstone. We apologize to our teams/players who were excited to compete in those games this year.

CLG cancels Overwatch and Hearthstone

CLG cancels Overwatch and Hearthstone

League of Legends, CS: GO, Starcraft II, Dota 2, and Vainglory are the title having their leagues in the CSL. Overwatch and Hearthstone are no longer amongst this famous title. However, it may be an indication of better things to come for both the respective titles.
Overall, Blizzard has been very receptive regarding the Overwatch Community. However, we have to see the response of the community towards Blizzard.

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