D.Va PTR Bugs That Were Not Addressed In The Last Update

D.Va PTR Bugs That Were Not Addressed In The Last Update

The latest Overwatch update was the biggest till now as it brought every PTR changes including the induction of a new hero (the stealth hacker – SOMBRA) and the Arcade section which offers a variety of game modes and also a new Arcade map. Despite that the patch has balanced many heroes and fixed many bugs in Overwatch, but it looks as if Blizzard forgot to fix the outstanding D.Va bugs which players reported in the past (those beta version days).
Classic D.Va PTR Bugs.

Numerous bug threads specifically for D.Va is all over the Overwatch community forum, but Blizzard isn’t responding to the issue yet. Today, we will talk the bugs in the heroes and how does it affect the D.Va players and the game as a whole. First in the list is D.Va itself and the bug in Ana, theses issues are very obvious and are very common, but Blizzard didn’t fix them yet.

D.Va PTR Bugs

D.Va Bug #1

The bug happens when Ana casts her ultimate (Nano Boost) on D.Va (both in and out of mech). Ana’s Nano Boost in the past gave players movement speed boost aside from its other effects. But in the latest update where the Hero Balance Changes have implemented the movement speed, the elimination of buff took place. Apart from the balance update, there’s no way that the Nano Boost can lower the movement speed of a targeted player. It means that there is a link between D.Va and its interaction with Nano Boost. This bug is live to date.

D.Va Bug #2

The second bug happens when D.Va Ana uses her ultimate, Sef-Destruct in combination with her skill Boosters in mid-air. In this case, the D.Va is projected high above the ground which is similar to a pilot’s ejection. In short, D.Va flies a couple of stories high depending on how long you hold the Boosters. This has already been reported in the community forum, but it surprised us because it didn’t get fixed even after the last patch that included bug fixes.

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