Dev denies claims that Paladins Inspired Overwatch

Has Paladins inspired Overwatch? HI-Rez Studio has finally broken its silence regarding allegations that Paladins Champions of Realm copied aspects of Blizzard’s Overwatch.

In a statement to IGN, Hi-Rez’s COO Tod Harris vehemently resented claims that Overwatch inspired Paladins and not the other way round that Paladins inspired Overwatch. Harris further added that character in the game who seemingly mimicked Overwatch heroes were available in the Paladins beta even before their abilities were featured in Overwatch.

Paladins which developers describe as a team shooter with a  sense of humor, fantasy setting as well as a degree of customization and strategy is an objective-based and character-centric team shooter inspired by Team Focharacter-centric

Characters in Paladins Inspired Overwatch With Similar Abilities

However, of the characters in this game have come under intense criticism for showcasing similar abilities and appearance as those in Overwatch. For example, “Fernando” comes with a “charge” and “shield” abilities just like Reinhardt. Other characters with identical abilities are “Barik” with a distinct orange beards and his ability to place turrets much like Torbjörn. “Evie” is equipped with the ability to encase herself in ice just like Mei. “Drogoz” has the ability to leap into the skies and shower the enemies below with rocket just like Pharah.

Explaining how ideas were different to those in Overwatch, Harris note that different TTK, style map, theme, game modes were not common in the game testing thus the developer went pushed  ahead notwithstanding whether gamers would find it similar to Overwatch.

Some designs are quite clear in Global Agenda first, Paladins predecessor with Harris pointing out Payload mode as such one design. Other Overwatch inspired ideas and Paladins’ shared ancestors include the popular Team Fortress 2.

Harris failed to comment on how Overwatch is advanced than paladins or where the two shared obvious similarities.


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