Developer Update: The Symmetra rework is on the way

We all have been through a situation involving Symmetra. Not all of them are pleasant, though. When one of our teammates gets mad at something, the result was foreseeable. The insta-lock Symmetra coming into play. For this reason, the hero had some kind of stigma. The Symmetra rework is something that was coming from a while ago. And after a long wait, it seems like it might be closer than we think.

There was a recent Youtube video uploaded to the “Play Overwatch” official account. Game’s Director, Jeff Kaplan, is the one in charge of walking us through the Symmetra rework.

Symmetra’s current weaknesses

I am sure we can all imagine what these are, but let’s take a more analytical look at them. The first thing that comes to mind is that this hero is extremely situational. We normally see her being played just for the first point in certain maps. For example, King’s Row, Temple of Anubis, probably even Volskaya Industries. Her only job is to set mini-turrets to hold a certain choke point and then hope that she can charge her ult fast enough to be useful while defending the first point. Kaplan makes emphasis on the fact that players swap off Symmetra after the first point. And, if they keep playing her, the win-rate of the hero plummets.

Now, let’s say that Symmetra manages to charge her ult and set-up her teleporter. Now she has to decide whether to protect the teleporter by setting up turrets, or keep holding the choke point she was holding until now. This creates a very unbalanced and extremely situational gameplay.

Symmetra rework – Important points

One of the most noticeable changes is that Symmetra will now have 2 ults. Players will be able to switch between her 2 ultimates. Her teleporter will stay, but with a couple changes to it. The first change is that it will have more health, and the other one is that part of that health will be “Shield health”, meaning that it will regenerate over time.

The second option of an ultimate will be a Shield Generator. This will create an AOE that will provide all allies with a shield. Also, this AOE will ignore line of sight, meaning that buildings and other structures will not stop the effect.

Having a shield generator will render Symmetra’s shield creation ability redundant. For this reason, this ability will be completely changed. Instead of giving shields, Symmetra will now creat a “Proton Barrier” in front of her. Kind of a Reinhardt’s shield. This will allow for a different play style while playing her.

The changes of Symmetra rework are interesting, to say the least. All that’s left is wait for these changes to go live and see how the game changes around this hero.


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