Overwatch ESL Atlantic Showdown and the meta behind it

ESL Atlantic Showdown has come to an end. But there is still plenty to talk about and analyze. This time, lets take a look at what the meta looks like. The meta, bluntly said, is the current state of the game and the balance of champions. What’s popular and most viable to play according to what everyone considers “good”.

It goes without saying that Overwatch is still a rather new game. Because of this, the meta is not set in stone. With the recent PTR changes the champions being played will most likely change to accommodate it. But, as of know, the game is still on a state where only 9 of 22 champions are being played.

Hero pick rates for ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown

Hero                                                             Time                                     Pick %                          Δ%

With this information, it is quite noticeable that the meta is strongly focused on 9 out of 22 champions. This is a worrying matter for such a competitive game as Overwatch. We can see that professional teams are only using 2 support champions: Lucio and Zenyatta. Their pick rates are so high they might as well be 100%.

After the supports there is a gap to the 76% pick rate of Zarya, the default off-tank. Good at zoning people, quite tanky and also with good damage output at close-medium range.

The next huge gap we see is from Genji with his 36.4% pick rate all the way down to D.va’s 4.9%. This, as already stated, basically means that after Genji the other 13 champions are not being played nearly enough to be considered meta picks.

We can rest assured that with such hard data Blizzard is already looking into it and we can expect them to take action into this.

The information is quite interesting and the full data can be found here: Champions Pick Rate.


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