ESL Atlantic Showdown Day 1 Recap

Today was the first day of the ESL Atlantic Showdown. This a recap of all the matches that took place. The tournament will continue tomorrow.

First, REUNITED beat compLexity Gaming in the first match of the day. In the first match of the tournament REUNITED beat compLexity Gaming in a 2-0 sweep. Correspondingly REUNITED had a very good tournament.

Rogue then upset Cloud9 with a 2-1 win. Cloud9 losing to Rogue is very unexpected and shows that Rogue has the ability to be a very good team. Proving that Rogue can play, and beat, some of the best teams.

After having Rogue upset Cloud9 we were very excited for the REUNITED vs Rogue match. The match did not disappoint. REUNITED managed to beat Rogue in a nailbiter match. REUNITED has moved on to the Semi-Finals avoiding the ENVYus matchup that could spell doom for any team. However, Rogue put up a great fight in this Quarterfinal of the ESL Atlantic Showdown. However they were eventually beat in the tie breaker match. There were so many insane plays within that match. Rogue really did a good job on holding Hanamura with Winz winning them that match after winning a 1 v 2 fight with only 5 HP. Unbelievable.

compLexity beat Cloud9 during the final match of the day. Cloud9 will be going home early. I expected Cloud9 to win this match but compLexity managed to surprise everyone. The game started with a compLexity win on Dorado. The payload did not advance beyond the fountain by the first point. However, Cloud9 managed to steamroll on Kings Row. compLexity posted a fast time when they were on attack, but it was not enough prevent Cloud9 from posting a faster time. The tiebreaker map was Watchpoint: Gilbaltar. Cloud9 posted an extremely fast time. Which compLexity somehow managed to beat.

Today was a very exciting day for Overwatch as an eSport. ESL Atlantic Showdown is the biggest Overwatch tournament to date. Every other Overwatch tournament will look at this tournament to see how they should do it. However, the tournament was not without issues. The analyst desk needs some work, correspondingly the information they provided often felt useless. On the other hand the commentators were great because they knew what they were talking about. Also there were no technical issues.

Day 1 was a success. Onward to day 2


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