Euphnet Cafe Overwatch Fall Brawl! Get ready for October 15th!

Sun, fun and an Overwatch tournament! What else can you ask for? A new Overwatch tournament is on its way for October 15th. We are talking about the Euphnet Cafe Overwatch Fall Brawl!

We have talked quite a bit about how the community is responding so well to Overwatch. They create tournaments, giveaways, events, forums, etc. Now, this tournament will take place in Sunnyvale for all the Bay Area Overwatch players.

The Euphnet Cafe is the designated place to host the tournament. It will be a big LAN brawl inside an internet cafe. There is an entry fee of $5 to cover the computer usage expenses, but there will be a lot of fun!

They expect a minimum of 6 teams but, as they say, the more the merrier. And players have 1 month to get ready and make up their mind to assist to the tournament. So, expect way more than 6 teams.

Euphnet Cafe Overwatch Fall Brawl FAQ

There are a few questions that might pop in your mind when you read about a tournament like this. So the organizers went ahead and elaborated a FAQ for this.

  • Do players need to register or can they just show up?

Players need to sign up so the organization of the event is easier. They will be creating the brackets beforehand so the registration is mandatory. Players can also join as free agents if they do not have a team.

  • What to do after registering?

What comes next is joining the platform created for this event. This is not mandatory, but will help you to keep in touch for future events.

  • What can I do if I want to help?

The organizer welcomes all kinds of help. Right now he is needing event coordinators, and if all goes well he is also looking into streaming the games and getting casters in the future.

If the Euphnet Cafe Overwatch Fall Brawl is something that you are interested in, visit their official website!


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