Explore the New Challenge of Crossing the Void Part-2

Experienced and creative minded players would definitely love to cross the void of space near the attacking spawn while playing on Volskaya Industries because this flank route into the fight is always like an exciting option for them. However, game lovers are excited to know what will happen when the heroes will cross the gap constantly and what Crossing the Void part-2 is all about.

The second part of the game is two-part series. In part one, players will enjoy the opportunities of running down on the flank routes crossing over death-traps on the Hanamura and map of Volskaya Industries.

On the Volskaya Industries, it will not be very difficult for players to capture the first point for the attacking sides. The high ground surroundings will make it easy for defenders to move around and respond to the attackers. However, Volskaya gap is believed to be the best flank option available for the attackers. Once the attacking heroes cross it successfully, they get a free pass to get into the backline of defenders.

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All four offense heroes can easily make use of this flank and cross the gap in a very similar fashion, they position themselves behind their opponent and take on the key targets. However, defense heroes of Overwatch were seen having a lack of dynamic movement. They use their kits to move across the map and compared to the offense heroes in the game, the defense heroes are more rigid in nature.

The Volskaya gap has been made with fewer characters compared to Hanumura. Despite having questionable viability, both Volskaya and Hanumara gaps are the examples of a great map, because they provide opportunities for players to explore and exploit the works on the maps for their heroes.


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