Final Game Week of The APEX Season One Group Stages

Final Game Week of The APEX Season One Group Stages

Not all teams can live up to the challenge, and with the group stage coming to an end, we have reached the point where teams are playing for their lives.

Three more days to go and we will be wrapping up the group stage, and still many of the top 8 spots are vacant. Among which some teams will be playing for pride while some will be trying to, somehow, prolong their stay at the tournament.

Series one

A thrashing 3-0 win against the Afreeca Freecs Blue and then the same against the RG Titans, Rouge played the last match of their group with lesser pressure on their shoulders and with high spirits, great confidence. What else could the result be? A win for Rogue, 3 matches 3 wins. They now are in the playoffs and surely are the favorites to win the tournament.

Rogue showcased some style and their skill set by taking Hanzo, Junkrat & Widowmaker on their King’s Row offense as they cruised through the first two maps quite easily. On the third map, however, things got a little shaky, but Rogue managed to defend the Temple of Anubis from point B with an ultimate disadvantage of 1-6.
Topping the Group A and they did that without losing a single map throughout the series.

Series two

This series was more of a fight between BK Stars and NRG to stay in the tournament with Kong Doo Uncia having already secured a qualifying spot from Group B.

NRG came into the series with some interesting strategies, making it a hard fought series for BK Stars, but lacked in the field of execution. BK Stars capitalized the situation and kept an upper hand over their opponents and ended up winning 3-0 to book a place in the playoffs.


This final week will be a three-day game week, with the looser of the first series (Flash Lux v Afreeca Freecs Blue) making their way back to home. And after that, we will be having Luxury Watch Blue vs. Run Away; both of whom will fight to make it to the top 8.

The tournament will be broadcasted tomorrow on Twitch channel at 02:00 AM PDT/05:00 AM EDT/11:00 CET/19:00 KST.


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