First Overwatch Sombra’s Image Leaked

Blizzard could soon unleash the much-awaited Sombra. With Sombra’s image leaked and after several months of teasers, Overwatch gamers have come across what looks like an internal announcement among the developers.

A recent Overwatch leak showed what is believed to be Sombra’s first picture couple with her backstory and description. Sombra’s image leaked by a Russian Overwatch group in Reddit has since been taken down. However, a screenshot of the page has been shared widely on the social media. In a previous leak, Sombra appeared as a Skull Mask. However, with Sombra’s image leaked and new leaked image presents her as a Latina woman in her action gear.

According to a post on Forbes, the leaked image aligns to what they know so far about the new character from the first hints by the developer. Although Sombra’s leaked image has caught the attention of the aforementioned business magazine, YouTube as well as the leading social media sites, the developer has maintained silence over the matter.

Whether Blizzard decided to deal with the issue internally or probably not interested in issuing statement is anyone’s guess. However, Overwatch fans are eagerly waiting on the sidelines for any updates from the developers.

Sombra’s Image Leaked and it achieves Meme Status

As Overwatch fans look forward the update, Sombra has now achieved meme status as hilarious content continue to pop up from social media site. With a short time, it is amazing how people have shared the memes over these platforms. Sombra is a new and upcoming hero from Overwatch and the hot topic in an upcoming Augmented Reality Game.


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