Gale Force eSports Overwatch roster is finally announced!

“Finally” is a word that describes perfectly the situation about Gale Force eSports Overwatch roster. They have been teasing us for weeks about it. But it is finally here, announced on twitter.

It all started when IMT announced that their player “nomy” was not going to be able to attend the Overwatch Open. Then, on that same announcement, they said that “wgb” from Gale Force eSports was going to sub in for nomy.

First thought that came to mind was something along the lines of “wait, Gale Force eSports has an Overwatch team?”. But that was it, there was no official announcement at that time. From that point, the organization has been twitting some hints about their new roster and how they would let us know in a bit.

Gale Force eSports Overwatch roster

The time has come and the Gale Force eSports Overwatch roster is finally here:

  • Gaven “whaz” Sorensen (DPS)
  • Calvin “Calvin” Chau (DPS)
  • Christopher “bl4nk” Sterling (Flex)
  • Austin “Muma” Wilmot (Tank)
  • Wolfgang “wgb” Braun (Support)
  • Jonathan “D1sasta” Harbuck (Support)
  • Julian “Dart” Oprandi (Coach)

The team is a mix between former players of Colorado Clutch who disbanded recently and 20bOink. DPS whaz comes apart. wgb, Calvin and the Coach Dart come from Colorado Clutch. Meanwhile bl4nk, Muma and D1sasta come from 20bOink.

Gale Force eSports like to pick up young but full of potential teams. Their last endeavor was with the current compLexity roster.

A really strong-looking team with hopes of getting into the highest part of the rankings, we wish the team the best of lucks!


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