Hanzo and Soldier 76 get buffs, live now in PTR

The new patch brings  a slight buff to Soldier 76 and Hanzo. There are also some changes to the quick melee function. Players of Soldier 76 have been complaining that the nerf went far and he was no longer effective. So Blizzard gave his a weapons a quick boost. And changed arrow size on Hanzo. Quick melee gets a tweak.

Changes to Soldier 76

According to the patch notes his weapon spread is different. When you fire, the weapon will start to spread quicker but will also recover spread faster. This makes him more effective if you burst fire, which you should be doing anyways. It also makes him more effective at longer ranges.

Hanzo Buff

Blizzard buffed Hanzo, not because his players complained, but because everyone else did. Blizzard felt that Hanzo’s arrows were too big. Letting him land shots that he probably shouldn’t have. So they made them smaller. But they had recently updated his projectile speed to begin with. So now his arrows are faster and smaller. If you are good at Hanzo you should be happy. This will let you be more consistent and will prevent complete scrubs from being decent at Hanzo without proper skill.

What about the Quick Melee?

I am getting to it. Quick melee got a small buff, more of a tweak, where it won’t interrupt abilities. And abilities won’t interrupt it. Of course the movement abilities, such as Tracers Blink, are unchanged. This will give you more options to zip in and get the quick melee finish.


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