HND Overwatch Open II. A new tournament is on its way.

As the name suggests, this will be the second edition of the HND Overwatch Open. The first tournament was a success so the organizers decided to have a second one.

The HND Overwatch Open II is open to everybody, but, keep in mind that the games are going to be played in EU servers. Also, it is kind of focused for the EU community, schedule and server-wise. Nonetheless, if you are in another region and don’t care about a slightly higher ping or weird hours, check it out.

HND Overwatch Open II is divided in two main events: The Qualifiers and the Finals. The teams that sign-up need to be full 6-man with up to 2 subs. Also, the captains need to provide the average Season 1 competitive rank of the team. 40 teams will be able to play in this tournament, which is quite a lot, so, spread the word and help tournaments like this! After all, the community is the one that wins with these events.

HND Overwatch Open II format, rules and prizes

The qualifiers will be run from September 26th to September 29th in a round robin format. 8 groups with up to 4 teams per group. With this, the teams need to get as many wins as possible in a best of 3 format. The team captain needs to report win/losses through battlefy. Also, one member of each team needs to record the match for the whole duration. The teams with the most points will advance to the finals.

Finals are going to be double elimination bracket and will be played from September 30th to October 2nd. 16 teams will get into the Finals: The best 8 teams from the qualifiers and top 8 teams with the higher average competitive rank. Also, these last 8 teams do not need to compete in the qualifiers.

Finally, the prizes. The grand prize in the HND Overwatch Open II will be €300. Also, the members of the winning team will get their own HND t-shirt! Which, to be honest, looks really nice.

So, if you are interested in this HND Overwatch Open II go ahead and read the full info in the official site here.


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