IBP Invite Overwatch tournament postponed until further notice.

IBP Invite Overwatch tournament is cancelled. iBuyPower along with the organizer CEVO announced this. Also, they did not mention a date for the tournament to take place in the future.

The decision came after six out of the eight teams declined the $5,000 event. This was not because of some sort of problems within the organization or the teams themselves. They declined the event because they need to focus on the World Cup and the Overwatch Open. These 2 events are by far the biggest ones to date.

So, it does not come as a surprise that the teams preferred to focus on those 2 major events. The IBP Invite Overwatch was supposed to take place between Sept 17th to 18th. iBuyPower announced the postponement of the tournament via twitter.

IBP Invite Overwatch Tournament similar occurrences

This is not the first time that something like this happens in an IBP tournament. On the first iBuyPower Summer Invite, the team Splyce left the event because of roster changes. On this event, EnVyUs took the first place after winning 3-1 against Cloud9.

Even though the Overwatch tournament was cancelled, the other events happened normally. The $16,000 Counter Strike event went according to schedule without a problem. On this event, Immortals took first place over Optic Gaming in the finals.

This was just a minor setback for the Overwatch community, since iBuyPower is expected to run another seasonal invite for Overwatch and CS again in Winter. Also we will have to see if they plan to reschedule this cancelled event. We will keep you informed!


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