Interview with Nomy: “Overwatch might reach a similar level like Dota 2 in the near future”

Recently, we had a chance to talk to one of the top Overwatch players, David “Nomy” Ramirez. During the interview, Nomy spoke about his gaming career along with the competitive gaming in Overwatch, and of course, his plans for the future.


How did you get into the professional scene of Overwatch?

Well… I started playing since the open beta with my real life friends and we started playing quickplay a lot. On the Blizzard’s matchmaking I realize i was playing alot with the same people so i started adding them to my friends list, after that my friend Dcop had the idea of creating a competitive team and that is when sodipop was created.

What are your thoughts about your World Cup?

Its a great opportunity to combine high MMR players with youtubers & streamers so both can share a high competitive environment.

Overwatch is relatively a new game in esports industry. Do you think that it will be able to overtake games such as League of Legends or Dota 2?

At the phase that game is growing right now im very positive it will reach a similar level to Dota 2, but i think Blizzard has to implement a way to support the competitive scene as much as they can, maybe releasing special eSports loot crates and certain percentage of the sells of those crates can be added to the prize pool of tournaments, just like other games do.

Do you think that Overwatch Matchmaking system is good compared to other games’ system?

To be honest, i don’t really like the system right now. In my opinion you shouldn’t be able to do a party bigger than 3 people, i  think its unfair when people solo queue and they get grouped against a large premade.

Who is your favorite Overwatch hero and why?

I really like Reinhardt because of the hero design, it really amazes me how Blizzard was able to balance a melee character on an FPS game.

Final question, are you going to continue your professional gaming career or do you have any other plans?

Yes as long as i am able to compete on a professional level, i’ll keep doing this

Having such a friendly conversation with Nomy was really nice for us. From the whole team of Oberdraft, we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.


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