Korean player IzA becomes the higest ranked Overwatch player

Korean player IzA becomes the higest ranked Overwatch player

Various data-mining sites have recorded a Korean player known as IzA as the top-ranked competitive player who has much more losses than wins.

Bottom of the list was actually in the mind of the Korean player. He reached the skill rating point of zero, after losing more than a hundred matches. But, the Best rating of Overwatch of 5000 was awarded to him by the game at that point, since then he lost a couple of more match, but that doesn’t stop the player from being the top of the leaderboard.

highest ranked player Iza

Player named Dale “Bacontotem” Brown, in the last season, managed to reach skill rating of 0. However, the game rested his progress and assigned him one skill rating. And soon the score rocketed from 1 to 100 and unbelievably, he is currently at a rating of 5000. This glitch seems to be taking bottom players to the top.

Kotaku tried reaching IzA for a comment but failed. However, they were able to contact Brown.

His statement is as below.

If Blizzard doesn’t patch it soon, we’ll also see a few more people on the KR servers do it first. I met four of them on Sunday, and they’re pushing hard over there to hit SR 0 [] already. I do expect to be the US first to do it, so we’ll see fairly soon.

It is a feat to pull off, since once you’re the bottom the charts—~rank 800 or so—currently you can only lose 1-4 level points per match,” Brown explained. “[There’s] also the time dedication. I’ve lost 83 games as of today, and I’m a little mentally sore from it all. Meanwhile, that person did 230+.

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