The Last Bastion Short is shown at GamesCon

Blizzard has shown us a little more history of Overwatch revealing the origin story of Bastion today. The short opens up with a bird flitting around a hill happily building its nest. But the bird gets curious when it realizes that this isn’t a normal hill, it appears to made out of something other than dirt. As the bird pokes around it unwittingly awakes Bastion. However, awaking the robot does not scare the bird but makes it more curious. As the two admire each other Bastion receives instructions on where to go.


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The little bird decides to join the robot on his journey. But as Bastion discovers the world a wood pecker startles him causing him to enter turret mode. After destroying much of the nature surrounding and terrifying every creature several miles around him Bastion continues along . Albeit a little lonely. Eventually he reaches the edge of the forest. Looking out across a sea of grass there stands a city. Tall and proud off in the distance. A second set of instructions arrive prompting the robot to cross the field, during his hike he bumps into a rock. That rock turns out to be a fallen comrade.

After accessing the memory core we are shown a glimpse of the Omnic Crisis, in fact this the first glimpse we see of this war. There is a Reinhardt dutifully destroying many units and normal human soldiers getting killed. Everything a dark war needs. This angers Bastion and he resolves to destroy the city. Starting the long trek towards the far off city.

bastion ominc crisis

Before he can reach the city to destroy it and old friend joins him. And brings with him the beginning of a new nest. The robot is now forced to make a decision. Forsake his new friend and attack the city alone. Or go back to the forest and create a new life for himself. Luckily he decides to do the latter.

How he joins Overwatch is unclear. But one thing that is clear is that he is the last remaining unit. We also learn that Bastion is not a name but is instead a Omnic type. Sort of the standard infantry of the Omnics.


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