Melty eSports Club to Shutdown Overwatch Operation

Melty eSports Club once rose to fame by outperforming other teams at Overwatch series. Now, the organization has announced that it will no longer support its players to take part in Overwatch.

Melty eSports Club to Release Its Players

The French organization has decided that it will not invest in competitive players and teams. The contracts of professional players will be terminated soon, who regularly displayed their skills at games ranging from CS:GO to Street Fighter.

Melty Holds Powerful Historical Record

Melty has won several accolades from Overwatch fans in the past. The esports club houses players who are adept at handling any situations at Overwatch. After the passage of first few weeks of Closed Beta, Melty held the position of the best team throughout the Europe.

This team defeated other teams as it was focused on Overwatch from the beginning. The team made fair hands at a few rounds of GosuGamers Weeklies. Not only this, Melty secured prestigious positions at other events too.

Time Changed

As the time rolled on, other teams came to limelight with their superb performances. Melty faced problems in maintaining schedules to compete with the new teams. The club made several changes in its schedules. However, those changes failed to take Melty to the apex position among the EU based teams. Regardless of this fact, Melty held a distinctive slot among the top ten EU teams.

Players who have now been devoid of sponsorship from Melty are baud, DeGun, Tek36, NICOgdh, MVPBadger and Hqrdest. Despite facing a hard time, these players will try hard to compete at Paris Games Week.


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