Mineski Pro Gaming enters into the Overwatch competitive scene

Mineski Pro Gaming makes their way into Overwatch competitive scene

Leading away from the smaller scene, Mineski Pro Gaming, a Premier Philippine eSports Organization has managed to sign an Overwatch roster.
With eSports, more regions have grown as compared to the others, and that’s a fact. Therefore, it is critical to the smaller areas that the big organizations showed raise the community to higher levels through developments in the Area. Hence, Mineski Pro Gaming happens to be that team for the Philippine region.
Mineski happens to gain a lot of popularity in the eSports through their Dota2 roster, with having 1.5 million likes or the team’s Facebook page. On the SEA & OCEANIA rankings they happen to be ranked 6th and worldwide they are ranked 34th, the organization is up for future challenges, through the experience they gained over the last years. They have current rosters of LoL, DotA 2 and CS:GO and the following is the new Overwatch roster:

  • Jessie “JessieVash” Cuyco
  • Jholord “Zahrgorp” Galicia
  • Justin “Caladbolg” Limbo
  • John Carlo “SuperLocs” Panlilio
  • Zyrille King “ZYRILLE” Algenio
  • Marvin Anthony “whome” Roque
Mineski Overwatch roster

Mineski Overwatch roster

JessieVash, the team captain, made a lot of efforts in the formation of the team. After making a name for himself in professional DotA 2 scene for Mineski, he saw the potential of Overwatch and is determined to make a mark. The upcoming ESL SEA Cup, which starts on September 4th, will be first the team will represent Mineski.

What are your expectations from Mineski Pro Gaming in the Overwatch competitive scene? Let us know in the comments below.


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