MnM Overwatch Team announced after they pick up UK Team “aMEIzing”

The European organization called Molotovs & Marshmallows, or MnM, are joining the competitive scene. MnM Overwatch team is created after they pick up the UK Team “aMEIzing”.

aMEIzing recently qualified for the ESL UK Premiership Summer 2016 and was in Group A. They fought their way through the Group to win a spot for the playoffs and they got it. Playoffs will be played at MCM London Comic Con.

You can see the results of MnM Overwatch team in the ESL UK here. There are 34,000 GBP in Prize Pools to be distributed across all the titles being played in the ESL UK Premiership Summer 2016.

Eric “oranjee” Diep, one of the members of aMEIzing, said this about being picked up by MnM Overwatch Team:

We (aMEIzing Team) are extremely happy to now be playing under the MnM brand. The organisation and players share the same ambitions and with their support we can solely focus on improving our play without worries.

Always a good thing for teams to be picked up by a bigger organization. This gives them better chances at competing at a higher level, since they can focus more on improving their play.

MnM Overwatch Team Roster

  • Brandon Ninjafuya Channer
  • Harry Flarez Long
  • Eric oranjee Diep
  • Joeri Healbot Joly
  • Ixl Ixl3000 Duffy-Schoop
  • St John SXY Gilchrist (Sub)

This team will now be part of the MnM organization that already has a League of Legends and a League of Legends Female teams as well as other entertainers. MnM Overwatch team seems to be on the right way to become a very competitive team in the near future. So let’s keep an eye on them!


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