Mousesports Overwatch team is almost ready to join the scene!

The german organization announced today that Mousesports Overwatch is ready for battle. 2 months ago, the organization announced their intentions of joining the competitive scene. Now, they are revealing their current roster.

According to Mousesports, they were scouting and testing intensively during the past 2 months. For this task, they chose the team Captain Klaus “frag^m” Wiedemann to pick the best players he could find. About this, frag^m said the following:

I’ve put all my experience and efforts in assembling a team based on high skill potential as well as great team spirit.

The end result? An international mix of veteran eSports stars and ambitious newcomers, as said by Mousesports Overwatch themselves. CEO Cengiz Tüylü says that he is really happy about the end result, and that that is exactly why they chose Klaus for the job.

The team is already practicing and starting to look into the next tournaments. All this even though they are still missing a team member, since they are only 5 at the moment. But, they are confident that they will find the last player in the next few days. They are already trying out prospects for the DPS position.

Mousesports Overwatch roster so far

Now it’s the time that we all love. Time to look at the Mousesports Overwatch roster, which is composed by the following players:

Klaus “frag^m” Wiedemann
Martin “BUR1X” Buric
Maurice “Burnie” Engelhardt
Tim “Divinius” Hoffmann
Johan “CWoosH” Klingestedt

As the organization said, it is quite an interesting mix of eSports veterans plus ambitious newcomers. Mousesports Overwatch managed to put together a good roster and we can only expect the 6th member to come and seal an amazing roster.

If you want to read the official announcement you can do so here.


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