New Coach For Rogue’s Overwatch Team Revealed

New Coach For Rogue’s Overwatch Team Revealed

The new coach Phillipe ‘Lanf3ust’ Rivain after a spell as a player became a manager for Team aAa. He has a acquired an ample experience in First person shooting games. Meanwhile, he managed Dylan “aKm” Bignet who currently is a player at Rogue. While the team has declared Lanf3ust as a coach, it seems that he will be taking something of a managerial role in the team as well.

Lanf3ust mentioned in an interview:

I will do my best to get everything to manage them so they can focus on just the game, the group morale is also an important factor, and I will ensure that the atmosphere and the spirit in the team remain at its best.

New Coach

The announcement came shortly after EnVyUs defeated Rogue in the quarterfinals of the OGN APEX. Earlier, Rogue was referred to as the world’s best team in terms of achievements and the form that they carried to the tournament and now this inclusion in the team looks like the perfect candidate for a team that is ranked #1 globally.

The change in the meta Rogue seemed out of sorts, team’s tank player Jonathan ‘Reinforce’ Larsson revealed in a recent blog post after losing to EnVy. “Going into the practice we struggled hard,” he said, stating that they knew they “were never going to excel in this meta”.

Overwatch is still in its early years, so, the prospects of experiencing significant changes in the balance sheet are very real, and Rogue has to be good at adapting to sudden shifts in the meta if they plan to maintain #1spot. Hence, getting services from a coach can be invaluable.

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