New Overwatch Map is on the Cards

The recent release of the new Halloween event for Overwatch has been featured with a special version of the Hollywood map that comes with a night set up instead of midday that makes players feel like being in right out of Halloween Horror Nights. However, players are hugely appreciating the new additions such as Overwatch map and high-end game enthusiasts are requesting for more.

Players’ Reactions to the New Additions

Describing the Hollywood map a fantastic move in making the game more entertaining, many players have termed it extremely refreshing and requested the company to keep the change by removing the Halloween-themed stuff. Likewise, many players have suggested bringing the daytime variations to other maps available in the game on Overwatch.

The players are thoroughly enjoying the newly added Hollywood Halloween map, but at the same time, many players have shown interest in playing with other maps that come with different time of the day set up.

Different Time of Day Treatment

By bringing the changes in the time of day, the company will be able to bring changes in the overall look and feel for players. In addition, the changes will allow the players to enjoy different visibility conditions that can be a gateway to new areas from which players will be able to enjoy the game more precisely.

Overwatch Map Is Opened for New Ideas

Jeff Kaplan, the Director of Overwatch game has hinted that they are open for any idea that can make their game innovating and exciting.

However, it is on the players what map they would like to see with the option of time of the day treatment, as having a fresh perspective on the map will give them a different playing experience.


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