Immortals Nomy will not be able to attend the Overwatch Open

Rough news for the Immortals’ roster regarding David “Nomy” Ramirez. Immortals Nomy, who is the tank for the team, will not be able to attend the event. This is because he is having some visa problems.

Immortals announced on their website and Facebook page about this situation. Even though they want to see the full roster play together, they will have to compete this time without their designed tank.

Enter Wolfgang “WGB” Braun as a replacement for Immortals Nomy

Immortals WGB

Immortals WGB

In order to cover Nomy’s place in the roster, Wolfgand “WGB” Braun will be playing in the Overwatch Open. WGB is a player from Gale Force Esports that has been lent to Immortals to act as a temporary sub. He will join Immortals for the duration of the Overwatch Open.

WGB is already in LA playing with the Immortals roster in the preparation bootcamp. By this weekend, September 25th, the team will be ready to compete in the Overwatch Open.

Immortals thank Gale Force GM Freddie Crespo for the gesture of letting a player of his organization to play for them in these times of need. It definitely is a nice thing to do and shows the sportmanship that permeates the Overwatch competitive scene.

We wish Immortals and WGB the best of lucks for these matches. And we are sure that all of the players will give their best to make themselves present in the Overwatch Open.

If you want to read the official statement by Immortals you can do so here.

We recently had the chance to interview Nomy about his point of view of Overwatch in general as well as his preferences. We invite you to take a look at the interview here: Interview with Nomy.


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