Overwatch Alert: 20 million players and counting

Overwatch has hit the 20 million player mark ahead of the much-awaited Halloween event. Blizzard is happily gearing for the Halloween event with this Overwatch alert, which will include Horde mode coupled with loads of new and exciting items.

While the announcement of the Halloween event was highly anticipated by the Overwatch fans, the developer announced in a casual manner that Overwatch now has over 20 million players.

It is easy to get such high number of players especially in the age of free-to-play games. What makes Overwatch’s case special is the fact that it is a premium product. This means that 20 million fans have spent $60 or the equivalent to enjoy the game.

Today, any triple-A game must shift between 5-10 million copies if it is to be considered truly successful and that may take a lifetime. The recent Overwatch alert, it comes as a shock given the fact that the game is barely 5 months old.

Overwatch Alert gives a reason to smile for

In fact, within such a short timeframe, Overwatch is now threatening to outdo Call of Duty, which is famous for recording over 30 million sales annually outshining every other game but GTA. For the Call of Duty, it is mainstream and a cultural phenomenon.  For Overwatch, to edge close to this territory comes as a surprise to most fans. A player can only hope that the upcoming and regular Overwatch updates, event as well as a direct communication will help the game grow to new heights.

This is a major leap for Blizzard and for the entire Overwatch team who suffered a disappointing blow after the canceled Titan MMO



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