Overwatch Atlantic Showdown might become a leading tournament in esports industry

Overwatch Atlantic Showdown surpasses 75,000 viewers

Germany was the host of the largest prize pool event to date in Overwatch young history, the prize pool was a whopping $100k and featured eight best teams from around the globe. After the dust settled down here is what we learned from the event:
Things are never as bright as they may see on paper in esports. Heading into the event it looked like Team EnVyUs, who had made an example of a vast number of professional teams with an untouchable 57 games winning streak will continue its winning streak in style. However, nothing is certain until it is achieved. A miracle took place at Gamescom on playoff Sunday when the NV’s winning run was finally ended by the underdogs. It was amongst the finest examples of David vs. Goliath.

atlantic-showdown-overwatch-final-placementsFirstly, the second best team in the competitive scene was Cloud9. They suffered a loss to complexity, which was an upset none the less. Both the Giants, Cloud9 and EnvyUS got defeated in the group stages by the European teams, REUNITED and the ROGUE. After then, these teams eventually ended up facing each other in the grand finals. And in the end, EU took the trophy.
The tournament’s grand finals had 78,646 concurrent viewers. This is an astonishing benchmark to achieve for the first big pocketed tournaments. These numbers are a good sign for the title and the future of the game.
Above all, it seems like Overwatch is on the right path when we look at Riots approach to League of Legends and Valve’s support to Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Do you think that ESL Atlantic Showdown can beat tournaments like The International or MLG Major Championship? Let us know in the comments below.


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