Overwatch first player to hit level 1000

Overwatch first player to get level 1000

Overwatch first player to reach level 1000

An Overwatch players have single-handedly hit level 1000 in the game, he is the first one to celebrate this remarkable accomplishment.

An Overwatch player celebrates his achievement of being the first to hit level 1000 in the match single-handedly.
“TaZzerk” is the username of the gamer, and he happens to be French. He posted an image of his character portrait level to brag about his achievement on Twitter. TaZzerk’s picture color is silver, unlike the bronze style of most players’ pictures right now, the silver portrait appears after crossing level 600. Adding to the information, the player had three prestige stars underneath when he had 100 level, adding up to a level of 1000.

“I am finally the world’s first level 1000 in Overwatch.” Is the rough translation of the twitter comment of Parle Français.

“TaZzerk,” said that, “I’ve almost 1000 hours on Overwatch, I play like 16 [to] 17 hours per day—except sometimes… I did it because I love Overwatch and the challenge. It’s not my first rush [toward a record level]. I like it. I started the rush when I knew I could be the first.”

TaZzerk’s claim to being the first level 1000 Overwatch player, has one complication, a player is boasting a gold portrait with one star and 51 levels which clock them in at a total of 1451, on the Asian servers. According to TaZzerk, this could an account shared by multiple users. However, nothing is confirmed officially. Based on how much he plays, he claims “it’s impossible to get 300/400 more levels than me.”

Blizzard Entertainment has yet to acknowledge TaZzerk’s feat. But for the time being nothing can take his spotlight.
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