Overwatch Halloween Event – New Achievements

With its collectible items and a new brawl, the Blizzard has added to the Overwatch Halloween event. The latest Junkensteins Revenge on Overwatch is the new craze in the world of high-end game lovers. The game, however, comes with players vs. environment set up instead of player v s. player type brawl. The community has appreciated the new setup, as they find it very challenging and entertaining.

Recently Added Achievements

The participants of Junkenstein’s revenge on Overwatch have witnessed some newly added achievements such as Survived the Night, Held the Door, Four They Were and Not a Scratch. Though the first two achievements are quite usual for players, the Four They Were and Not a Scratch will be a bit difficult especially for newcomers.

While playing at “Four They Were”, the player will have to do the brawl four times, single time with each hero. However, playing with random people will allow players to be “stuck” with the same hero multiple times. “Not a Scratch” will bring more challenge for players and if they want to make the achievement smooth and hassle free, the option of playing in a group may help them.

The Importance of Communication for Overwatch Halloween Event

Communication is definitely one of the most important parts in Overwatch, as it helps players who want enjoy it more efficiently than others. While playing the game, players will find DPS playing a significance role in killing the most, but Ana comes with some vital utilities and her biotic grenade works nicely on the Roadhog boss on his appearance. Exploiting Hanzo’s powers can be a good option for a “life savior” when you find enemies are coming closer to the entrance. The time spent on Overwatch will definitely give a remarkable experience for game enthusiasts and experienced players.


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