Overwatch Heroes As Pokémon Characters, It’s Creative

Overwatch Heroes As Pokémon Characters, It’s Creative

Had there been Pokémon characters in Overwatch, how would they look like? Ever brainstormed for something that’s not part of present or anything that you don’t have? Yes, we all have, probably sometimes while sitting alone and doing nothing except thinking about awful things we all give a few minutes to something productive. And we have an artist who is as much a fan of Overwatch as of Pokémon.

Artist Han Seok-bum is here to distract you from the existential abyss, making you imagine some of the famous Overwatch heroes as Pokémon characters.

First in the list is Pikachu as Tracer. Check out.
Pokémon CharactersKingler as Torbjorn. Both of them are short and red.
Pokémon CharactersArbok for Widowmaker.
Pokémon Characters
Tauros as McCree might be the pinnacle of this crossover.
Pokémon CharactersIf Soldier: 76 was a creation of Nintendo, he would look like.
Pokémon CharactersNinetales as Mercy, the well-known character.
Pokémon CharactersMr Mime is Symmetra.
Pokémon CharactersHorsea is cute, and so is Mei.
Pokémon CharactersNoctowl as Ana because they both are the second generation characters.
Pokémon CharactersBellsprout is a very sad looking Zenyatta.
Pokémon CharactersScyther, the Pokémon with swords for arms, and make him Genji.
Pokémon Characters


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