Overwatch high-bandwidth update for PC is now live

Overwatch - high bandwidth update

Overwatch high-bandwidth update now available for PC

“High bandwidth” update has quite recently hit the PC version of Overwatch. To assist the players having weak connections in the game, the update promises high-quality online play to the PC community of the title.

Senior Engineer Philip Orwig and lead engineer of Overwatch Time Ford have shed some light on the changes. Moreover, he explained what it could mean to the players. After summarizing a quite technical discussion, the game will run a lot smoothly for the PC community.

PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions of Overwatch didn’t receive the high-bandwidth update. Orwig said, “We’re still investigating how to roll this out to on console.” The update is available in almost every region the game covers.

According to Ford, interpolation delay has been reduced by the upgrade.The server predicts how fast and where one player is going and eventually to ensure a joyous experience for all the players. Furthermore, the server renders other players’ clients. The new net code shortens that delay by more than half, for players with a clean connection.

To keep overall balance in the game, the players with poor connections will go into a lower-bandwidth grouping, automatically.

“The net result is you will shot around corners less, you’ll be able to escape moves better, and the server will hear about it sooner.” Ford said, “explaining what the high bandwidth patch does for those playing with up-to-standard network connections.”

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