Overwatch loot boxes – Free gift to players

Blizzard has accidentally presented players with well over 11 free Overwatch loot boxes due to a bug. This occurred about 24 hours ago whereby most players discovered the Overwatch loot boxes upon logging in. This is according to numerous reports on Reddit and other community platforms. It seems like what was meant to be a specific server only apology for the DDOS problem has been experienced globally.

Free Overwatch Loot Boxes

According to the thread in Overwatch Reddit, most fans reported finding about 11 loot boxes in their accounts. These players sought the source of the free boxes since no official event or announcement had been officially communicated in the Overwatch updates.

Where did the Free Overwatch loot boxes come from?

Based on the Overwatch GM, fans confirmed that the boxes were distributed as a result of a bug. Players are allowed to open the boxes is they so wished and they are fully functional once upon opening. Blizzard Entertainment formally addressed this problem since the announcement of Reddit did not provide a source.


At the moment, there are only speculations about the likely source of the Overwatch loot boxes. Some of these players seem to think that it is compensation with the recent DDoS hits. Some players even reported that did not receive the free boxes. However, players from different regions reported receiving the free loot boxes. If you have received the free Overwatch, loot boxes that you do not recall purchasing, congratulations. Considering the amount of community attention it has drawn you can expect it to be found and fix in a matter of time. If you did not receive the boxes, you are out of luck.


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