Overwatch new rating system might create problems for support players

New rating system creating headaches for support players

Support players are facing problems by Blizzard in the rating calibration system. The award for resulting damage is a lot higher as compared in the season two of the game’s competitive mod.
Players are getting awards on their individual performances. These performances are the source of imbalance in the ranking system. In other words, the support will not receive as many rewards as compared to his/her teammates.
This means that your teammates are likely to rank up faster than you if you are playing as a support and they playing the damage dealers. According to Force Gaming, about 90% of the top rated players in the game frequently play as damage dealers.

In season 2 unfortunately, this issue will become more prevalent. The problem may occur because according to the new changes made by Blizzard that to play together, a player requires to be within the ten ranks. In season 1, only 50 levels were needed to play together. These levels lasted without attracting much attention.  The 10 level limitations mean that those players who love playing the supporting role, are reporting the fault with the ranking system. Thus, their level of interest is lost by a lot as the rank of their friends grow much slowly than the average rate.

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