Overwatch NGA signs old MiG Coach Tairong

Old Overwatch MiG coach Tairong not joining his old teams

Tairong was the coach of 2 MiG teams that got acquired by Afreeca earlier this week. China based NGA picked up their coach. This announcement proves that China is getting serious about Overwatch as an eSport. Especially since the game has been gaining a lot of traction in China.

There seems to be a rivalry brewing between Korea and China with both countries hosting lots of tournaments that seem to encourage a national rivalry. The Nexus cup is one such event. These events are often heated and contain some great competition. Both countries are at the peak of eSports in general and are getting quite serious about them. That is not to say that Europe and North America aren’t getting serious about it either.

As for the NGA organization; they recently received funding from an investor that allowed them to create a Overwatch and Hearthstone Division. A spokesperson for the company said that they intend to include CS:GO and DOTA 2 teams to their roster in the future. How far that future is, is anyone’s guess.

NGA is a forum not dissimilar to reddit. There is a lot of eSports discussion, it now appears that the company is hoping to have that discussion be about them as well. The organization said that they have had discussions with Tairong stating “they have faith in his abilities”. He will be going to China to coach the team in person.

This all comes right before week 3 of the Nexus cup which the former MiG teams are competing in. Interestingly Tairongs former team will have to face his new team during the Nexus Cup. This may lead to some tension but I anticipate everyone being professional about it. They are nonetheless, doing this for a living.


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